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A university which shapes a Global Filipino
imbued with moral courage
nurtured through values and excellent education.

Batangas State University is committed to implement its mandates of quality and excellence, relevance and responsiveness, access and equity and efficiency and effectiveness through instruction, research and production to meet the growing needs of the country and the world for globally competitive and morally upright proffessionals, scientist, technologist, technicians, skilled workers and entrepreneurs.

Hail to you dear BSU
Hail alma mater mine
Onward to the sunrise
Onward to the best

With dignity, we’ll carry your name
With pride we shall proclaim
Your honor and your vision
To the nation and the world

Hail the red and white,
Hail the heroes’ blood
Hail Batangas State University
Forever we shall shine

(Repeat Refrain and Chorus)



  • Peace and Spirituality

  • Commitment to Excellent Service

  • Human Dignity and Empowerment

  • Transparency, Honesty and Accountability

  • Team Work and Harmony

  • Concern for the Environment

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